Special thanks to

Maja Weilenmann
Expert on whales and communication. 
Translation. Editing and proofreading. 

Cornelia Carnal-Fäh
Expert on IT, computers and urban ecology
Assistant in content development. 

Dr. Clemens Müller
Expert in quantum physics.
Translation. Editing and proofreading. 

Dr. Debra Zuppinger-Dingley
Expert in grassland biodiversity
Advisor. Assistant fundraising.  

Prof. Owen Petchey
Expert in prediction sciences.
Advisor. Assistant fundraising.  

Deborah Stadler (Designers' Club)
Expert in graphic design.
Design of the boards’ structure, color, and logos. Editing and proofreading.   

Donovan Gregory (Designers' Club)
Expert in graphic design. 
Supervision of design progress and conflict resolution. 

Contributions of photographs or content
Sofia van Moorsel, Ursina Tobler, Urs Gimmi, Beat Scheffold, Fabian Schneider, Simon Etter (Crowdfunding)

Professors that supported us with their feedback
Barbara König, Arpat Ozgul, Josh Van Buskirk, Heinz Furrer

UZH Members that supported the project
Sustainability Committee, Communications department, MNF Dean’s office members

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