Have you ever wondered which animals live in Irchel Park?

Or what research is happening on campus?

Now you can find the answers to these and many other questions on the Irchel Natural Trail: 20 knowledge stations along the walking paths of Irchel Park.

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Irchel Clean up day

Come join the Irchel Clean-up day! In the framework of the Swiss National Clean-up day. We are organizing a clean-up day at the IrchelPark, to collect and recycle litter. We estimate a lot of cigarette butts, plastic wrappings and bottle cups will be collected. And we will have lots of fun while doing it!

When? September 14th (Saturday), 10 – 19 h.

Where? We meet at Milchbuck tram station at 10 am; after that, you will find us in the nearby entry to Irchel.


  • Trash collection, recycling, data collection
  • Biodiversity Mean Life tent with experts on litter and urban ecology
  • Educational games
  • Contests among participants

There will be refreshments (fruit and water) provided. Please bring along a water bottle and garden gloves.

Who can participate? Everyone! If you would like to volunteer or participate in the day, please fill this form.


Cornelia Carnal (cornelia.carnal@ieu.uzh.ch) and Alejandra Parreño (alejandra.parreno@ieu.uzh.ch)

This activity is possible thanks to our sponsors: MNF Sustainability Committee, Irchel Nature Trail, Biodiversity Means Life